LEARN MORE Case Studies Summa Cancer Center

/Building Description/

The Summa Cancer Center is located in Akron, Ohio and was designed to provide comprehensive cancer services to the surrounding community. The Center is 74,000 square feet and construction was completed in 2007.

/Services Provided/

·   owner representation ·   project management ·   property management

/Project Summary/

The Summa Cancer Center  (“the Center”) is a Signet Hplex Solutions endeavor, which demonstrates the value of our partnership. Summa Health System sought a developer who could deliver a first class cancer treatment center with significant physician support and very aggressive lease terms and rates. Combining Signet’s capital formation skills with Hplex Solutions’ physician alignment philosophy, the team was able to create a structure that met the needs of Summa and its physicians. The resulting structure includes a 30 year land lease with reversion to the hospital at no cost, taxable bond financing at aggressive rates and physician ownership without the use of cash or debt guarantee (promoter’s interest). The tenants (Summa and physicians) will realize very competitive lease rates and are jointly motivated to make this endeavor successful. This represents a true partnering between Summa, the physicians and Signet Hplex Solutions.

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